Mobile Phone Plan Scams does NOT offer Mobile Phone Plans. ​There are scammers claiming to be from trying to get people to sign up to plans.

It has come to our attention that a group of scammers posing as are trying to get personal information from people through Phone Calls(Cold Calling), Emails, they have even gone to lengths to copying our website (we are in the process of getting the fake website removed), with the promise of a mobile phone plan/contract. DOES NOT offer mobile phone plans/contracts. 

There has been a significant rise in recent times, with the number of consumers complaining about telephone and email scams, (according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission - ACCC).

The ACCC is advising all Australians to hang up the phone immediately if they suspect that the call is a scam, they (scammers) will impersonate well known organisations/companies/government departments e.g. Australian Tax Office (ATO), Microsoft, Optus, Vodafone, Telstra etc, but are not just limited to these.

If you believe you have been scammed/or they have tried and failed.

1: Report the matter to your local police immediately

2: Report the matter to Scamwatch, which is a website run by the ACCC(

3: If phones/plans have been ordered on your behalf, you can report this directly to the carrier's fraud team, so they can help cancel the order and return the phones. DO NOT SEND THE PHONES BACK TO THE SCAMMERS. You will need to have made a police report prior to contacting the carrier.

All of our emails will come from, and our phone number will always be displayed - (02) 9099 4444. We only have one retail outlet, which is in Beverly Hills, NSW. 

Below are the emails and phone numbers of the scammers posing as - these will be updated as we are alerted to more.

Email Address(s): - Added 30/12/2019

Phone Number(s):

(02) 8007 3119

(02) 8006 0641

(02) 8005 0110 - Added 22/11/2019

(02) 8073 0578 - Added 22/11/2019

(02) 4022 9750 - Added 26/11/2019

(02) 8091 2007 - Added 28/11/2019

(02) 8005 1681 - Added 17/01/2020

(02) 8005 7681 - Added 17/01/2020

(02) 8006 1501 - Added 17/01/2020


Example Email:

We take customer and potential customers security very seriously, please feel to call us on (02) 9099 4444 or email us at if you have been or someone tried to scam you. We are reporting every case that comes through to the ACCC - Scam Watch, The Local Police, Cyber Crime( previously known as ACORN.

The ACCC recommends the following options if you receive any unsolicited phone calls or messages:

  • Don't respond to numbers supplied in an automated call or from numbers you don't recognise.
  • Always be sceptical and if you're unsure the person on the end of the phone is not who they say they are, hang up and call the organisation directly on an independently verified number.
  • Don't give someone who calls you out of the blue any money, personal details or access to your computer.
  • Don't return calls to international numbers unless you know them.
  • Delete any messages left on your voicemail.

A few important things to know about

  1. We have a single retail shop located in Beverly Hills - 480 King Georges Road, Beverly Hills, NSW, 2209
  2. We never make unsolicited phone calls, Will only call if asked, or in regards to a repair/service that has been sent in to us and will call from (02) 9099 4444,
  3. We never ask for personal details. Ever.
  4. We have regular retail hours Monday to Friday 9AM - 5PM  and open Saturday(9AM-2PM), Closed Sundays.

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